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Irena Santor

nee Wiśniewska (born the 9th of December 1934 in Papów Biskupi) – Polish Singer singing mezzo-soprano. In the years 1951-1959 she was a soloist of the Mazowsze folk dance and song group.

Krzysztof Tadeusz Baranowski

(born the 26th of June 1938 in Lwów) – sailor, yacht captain, journalist, teacher, user of walkie-talkie SP5ATV. As a first Pole ever, he managed to sail around the world by himself twice.

Halina Machulska

(born the 2nd of March 1929 in Łódź) – Polish film, theatre and television actress, and theatre director. She graduated at the Theatrical Director Department of the National Theatre College in Warsaw.

Wanda Błeńska

(born the 30th of October 1911 in Poznań) – Polish medicine doctor, missionary. She finished the course in tropical medicine in Hamburg and Liverpool.

Stefan Stuligrosz

(born the 26th of August 1920 in Poznań) – Polish choir conductor, founder of Boys Choir "Poznańskie Słowiki", composer. Awarded with White Eagle Order Chevalier distinction.

Wojciech Młynarski

(born the 26th of March 1941 in Warsaw) – poet, director and performer of sung poetry, satirist, cabaret artist, author of texts of songs and libretto.

ks.Adam Boniecki

catholic priest, superior general of the Marianie order in the years 1993-2000, editor-in-chief of the "Tygodnik Powszechny" religious magazine between 1999-2011.

Stefan Stuligrosz

(born the 18th of February 1911 in Malawicze Górne) – imam of Muslim Religious Community in Białystok. Activist of Muslim community in Poland. He is a descendant of Polish Tatars.

Elżbieta Dzikowska

(born the 19th of March 1937 in Międzyrzec Podlaski) –historian of art, sinologist, traveller, director and operator of film documentaries, author of many books.

Maria Czubaszek

(born the 9th of August 1939 in Warsaw) – Polish writer and satirist, author of texts of songs, scriptwriter, columnist, and journalist.

Ernest Bryll

(born the 1st of March 1935 in Warsaw) – Polish poet, writer, author of song texts, journalist, translator, film critic, and a diplomat.

Hanna Krall

(born the 20th of May 1935 in Warsaw) – Polish writer and journalist of Jewish descent. She was miraculously saved during transport to ghetto.

Beata Tyszkiewicz

(born the 14th of August 1938 in Wilanów) – Polish film and television actress, in the years 1994-1998 president of the Polish Culture Foundation.

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