Interviews with poeple from around the World who are well-known and respected by the community.

They answer the question of what is important in life. They tell you how to find yourself in this modern world.

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Decalogue of Values
What is really important in life?

Poland 2012

Zanzibar 2019

Asia 2021

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Interviews with people from around the World who are well – known and respected by the community.

They answer the question of – What is really important in life? They try to tell us, how to find yourself in this modern world.

The result of the project is: Exhibition. Film. Book. – with a presentation of interview with characters from a each country.


5 Continents

18 Countries in the world

The Decalogue of Values is an international project.

Has a cultural and social character. Has a timeless dimension. Is above all social, political and religious sub-divisions.

It will end with a worldwide exhibition talking about values from around the world.

The first edition was implemented in Europe/Poland with participation of the European Union. The project is still under way.

10 characters are invited from each country. The author asks them only one question: “What is realy important in life, what should be guided?.


I am implementing this project for everyone who has noticed that they are not happy and ask themselves, What is important in life? What should be guiding us? Are there any timeless values? Lost in everyday life, we even lost the desire to ask ourselves what should we be like? There are fewer and fewer people and sources in which we can seek answers. This project is a return to the roots, to valuesthat let you get up in the morning with a smile and peace. For what is really important in my life, I decided to ask those who do not have to prove anything. People known and respected in their environments that already have a distance to live and see them from the right perspective. I hope that they will be a conversation of different generations and different cultures and will reveal what I deeply believe – one common human nature and values that are beyond all differences, recorded in the frame and word of the interviews.


Agnieszka Pietruszka – author of the project

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